FTAG Asset Management Limited is an Asia-focused financial services group dedicated to serving our investors with the most advanced and bespoke solutions in Fund Management and Wealth Management, utilizing proprietary Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence trading algorithms that drive our investment strategies and extract maximum value from our investments.

Our asset management arm is headed by a team of the region’s top professionals. With strategic partnerships with licensed financial institutions globally, we provide customized structures or portfolio solutions for our clients who share our investment and bespoke wealth management philosophy.

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FTAG Assurance is a fully independent service provider, specializing in the buying and selling of Traded Endowment Plan (TEPs) / Life Insurance Plan policies (TLPs).

We provide a fast, efficient and hassle-free alternative financing option to individuals who may otherwise surrender their policies to insurers at a lower value.

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FTAG Technology is the dedicated research and development arm of FTAG and provides the technological infrastructure that supports core FTAG operations. FTAG Technology aims to revolutionize the digital infrastructure of the modern financial world.

Our team of industry experts are dedicated to developing best-of-kind solutions that cater to all businesses. Our core expertise includes digital payment solutions, best-in-kind blockchain technology and decentralized solutions, big data and artificial intelligence predictive analytics as well as cybersecurity solutions.

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FTAG Capital Markets leverages on the core infrastructure and technological strength of the FTAG group to provide customized brokerage services for individual and institutional investors across multiple asset classes, including Foreign Exchange, equities, CFDs and other financial instruments, across several regions. We also provide a number of value-added services that include investment banking, wealth management and portfolio optimization.

FTAG Capital Markets’ professional and immensely knowledgeable teams are key to our success in the field, drawing on their rich experience, technical expertise and critical know-how to create solutions that are ahead of their time. We go beyond what is expected of us, to stay ahead of the ever-changing financial environment, to empower our clients to rise above their peers, and most importantly, to hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. We are open minded, constantly striving to improve and to capitalize on today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities.

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MindnHand is an educational platform that focuses on cultivating emerging in-demand skills in our students. We partner with course providers of trusted quality, as well as private sector organisations, to create opportunities for necessary industry sector exposure.

The program seeks to transform how we prepare our next generation for the future with the use of innovative technology. The ecosystem we have built allows our students to start building relevant work-based experience and learning in their resumes in the early years. We aim to empower our students with the skills, confidence and perspective to tackle future challenges.

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FTAG Financial Limited is a Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HKSFC) Type 9 licensed and regulated investment management company. As a leading asset manager in Asia, FTAG Financial seeks and invests in opportunities which offer an attractive risk-adjusted return, while creating long-term partnerships with banks and financial intermediaries. Our clientele base consists of institutional, semi-professional and private investors.

FTAG Financial provides proven asset management expertise and a wide spectrum of personalized solutions with different risk-return profiles – from core to opportunistic investments that are powered by proprietary FTAG predictive analytics technologies. Our experienced investment team possesses deep resources and strong networking relationships, executes rigorous bottom-up investment analysis and is adept with restructuring/M&A operations.

FTAG Financial Limited (BNO308) is a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of FTAG.

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